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Blue Skies
Blue Skies


"Ready to unlock your gifts,

be forewarned of any challenges, or

become aware of any blessings coming your way?

Together, let's strengthen your intuition,

so you can fully trust your instincts again.

Through your personalized clarity reports (action-driven cheat sheets), I am reminding you how to work with universal energy to

navigate through life with greater ease,

while achieving your desired outcomes!

In the end, you will learn how to attract that new job, career, abundance, and even new love,

if that is what your heart desires.


If what you've been doing has not been working, it is time to do something else. It's time to get clear with 

Your Clarity Queen."


Clear Water
Blue Waters

An intimate, personalized 1 on 1 session. Perfect if you just want to see what messages spirit has for you!

 Do you have specific questions you wish to be answered? This is a pre-recorded reading that you will receive within 3-5 business days after making your purchase.



 An universal breakdown of your behavior and gifts based upon the precise location, date, and time of your birth.

An intimate, personalized 1 on 1 session. After your reading, I continue to hold a confidential, judgment-free space to openly talk things through and create action plans to achieve your most favorable outcome.

Have a burning question that you NEED an answer to ASAP? This is the option for you. Scheduled and received within 24-72 hours after payment is received.


Certified 250 hrs. RYT Yoga Instructor, certified Success Life Coach, certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, certified Reiki Master of Usui Reiki Ryoho, Kundalini Level 1, 2, & 3 Reiki, Oncology Reiki, Trained Astrologer, Intuitive Tarot/Oracle Cards Reader, Neuro-linguistics Programming (NLP) practitioner, ordained minister of 1 Love and Light Center, published author, and overall, naturally-gifted entertainer.

You can blame the Gemini Sun, Leo Moon, Virgo Rising in me for my many skills, talents and gifts, but I promise that you will be forever entertained with my company, storytelling, energy, coaching or readings. My gift is to make uncomfortable conversations . . . very comfortable. 

I love to cook, eat, watch movies, give tarot readings, teach yoga, guide meditations, watch sunsets, laugh, and most importantly, make people feel good. I’m a proud spiritual daughter, sister, friend, and wife. Although I've known him since the sixth grade, I’ve been married to my amazing husband for seventeen years. We do not have any children, due to the fact that we are still enjoying our child-like spirits. However, I have brought to life two businesses: 1 Love and Light Center and 



Through, I make spirituality practical, fun with real results by providing you personalized monthly cheat sheets to navigate through life with greater ease by identifying your innate superpower, your Kryptonite, your life’s purpose, and strengthen your intuition, so you trust yourself to make quicker and clearer decisions to overcome any energetic challenges that may come your way. Overall, I help you achieve the sweet smell of success and that's why I'm Your Clarity Queen. 


Quiana Dee's Testimonial


Nadirah Lugg is the entertaining spiritual, success life coach/independent agent of 1 Love and Light Center. Services provided here are for entertainment, spiritual, and educational purposes only. You are responsible for any/all choices or decisions you make from your interpretations of my readings!




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